About the Author

Marla James-Swanberg lives in East Ellijay, GA with her husband Steve, and two cats Princess and Spook. She has a BS degree in Criminal Justice and a BS degree in Community and Human Services. Now, being retired, she enjoys volunteering. Becoming a member of the DAR, (Daughter of the American Revolution), gave her a new look at the importance of leaving some history for posterity to know more about the lives of their ancestors, and has been the “push” behind the writing of this book. “I have always loved writing but have never published before,” she explained. “In doing some history research of family, I only wished I know more about the lives of my ancestors. Names came up but what were they really like? I wanted to leave something behind that showed a part of our family that really stood out in an area that we can all enjoy and remember. I chose the creativity, inspirational teachings, and unending humor of my mom! What better way to leave a part of someone’s life behind, to share with others, than a book?”